Marko Fon

Marko Fon

Marko Fon tends around four hectares of vines dotted around the Slovenian Carso, where just a few centimetres of red soil sit between the vines and the plateau of fossilised limestone below. Braving the harsh winds and rocky terrains, Marko works the mountainous vineyards entirely by hand. He grows the distinctive indigenous grapes of Malvazija (Malvasia), Vitovska and Terran, which he believes are the only grapes that can thrive in this region. They undergo spontaneous fermentation on skins for 1-2 days and are then aged in a combination of stainless steel and cask before being bottled unrefined and unfiltered.

Fon’s Malvazija is an energetic wine with floral notes and a cleansing acidity with a herbal finish. It maintains a balance with fluidity and juices and has a light, complex structure. A benchmark for the variety. The Teran is a strong, structured wine, fruity and full of character.

Marko Fon Malvazija, 2015
Malvasia Istriana
13% ABV

Marko Fon Teran Lui, 2015
Terrano (Teran)
13% ABV

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