A F Steen

A F Steen

A F Steen

Danish vigneron Anders Frederik Steen began his career as a chef and sommelier responsible for writing venerated wine lists at renowned restaurants like Relae and Noma before turning his hand to wine-making with Jean-Marc Brignot, one of the main players in the Jura. Steen then relocated with his family to a small village Valvignéres in the Ardèche. His past experiences have infused his wines with a complexity and creativity reflected through the grapes of Ardèche’s terroir.

Pure Magique is mostly made from a rare strain of Syrah named ‘Petits Grains’ and Viognier with a short maceration time before spending a year in barriques. Typical of a good Syrah, Pure Magique has a character of herbs and spices to be drank slightly chilled. Brignot’s influence in Steens wines is especially evident in the oxidative wines like Leaning Back in Time. The Pinot Gris spends a couple of years untouched in barriques producing a complex kaleidoscope of flavours and scents: green citrus, spice, fungus and the Mediterranean air. The vibrant Cette Main is made from Chardonnay with Carignan added grape by grape during fermentation yielding a herbaceous, lively character of red berries.

Leaning Back In Time, 2015
Pinot Gris

Cette main…, 2017
Chardonnay, Carignan

Pure Magique pas des Chimiques, 2017
Syrah, Viognier

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