Arturo Pelizzatti Perego, whose initials form ARPEPE, is a 5th generation winemaker, working solely with the Nebbiolo grape from the Valtellina valley. The vineyard is nestled between the Alpi Retiche and Orobie, set on a steep hill that enjoys both the warm sun of the south and the cool nightly breezes from the north. This unique microclimate and terroir allows the grapes to thrive but the high altitude makes production a labour of love. They value patience with the harvesting of their grapes and production in order to create wines that are the sincerest expression of their land.

The winemaking at ARPEPE is traditional: maceration for the 2015 Rosso took place over 100 days, encouraging slow, gentle extraction. In that year, the aging lasted for 9 months in old wooden barrels; the wine was then bottled and released in March 2017. Drunk best as a young wine, the garnet-coloured Rosso di Vatellina is light-bodied and savory. It is both elegant and sophisticated, with floral nose and enveloping forest fruits on the mouth. This complexity is typical of the “Chiavennasca”, the Nebbiolo from the Valtellina.

ARPEPE Rosso di Valtellina, 2015
12.5% ABV

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