Badalucco De La Iglesia Garcia

Badalucco De La Iglesia Garcia

Badalucco De La Iglesia Garcia

Spaniard, Beatriz De La Iglesia Garcia and her Sicilian husband, Pierpaolo Badalucco returned to Sicily to manage the family vineyards in Petrosino, near Marsala. They brought with them some Spanish varieties to plant in the vineyards, to give shape to what they call the ‘Dos Tierras’ project:  blending Sicilian grapes with Spanish grapes, grown together with local fruit and almond trees and other indigenous plants to preserve biodiversity. The grapes are picked and de-stemmed by hand, pressed with feet and bottled unfiltered.

The wines are quite literally a marriage of Beatriz and Pierpaolo’s heritages: Dos Tierras and Temprano are made from the indigenous Sicilian grape Nero d’Avola and the Spanish grape Tempranillo, specifically from La Rioja. The vintage Dos Tierras from 2014 has a well-balanced fruitiness with deep red notes of black pepper while the 2015 vintage possesses notes of soft oak, cherry and chocolate. The orange Grillo Verde is made from Grillo from Sicily and Verdejo from Spain.

Badalucco de la Iglesia Garcia Dos Tierras, 2015
Nero d’Avola 50% Tempranillo 50%
13% ABV

Badalucco de la Iglesia Garcia Temprano, 2015
Nero d’Avola 75% Tempranillo 25%
13.5% ABV

Badalucco de la Iglesia Garcia Grillo Verde, 2016
Grillo, Verdejo
13.5% ABV

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