Camillo Donati

Camillo Donati

Founded in 1930 in Barbiano, a small town near Parma, the Donati estate is on its 3rd generation of winemakers with Camillo currently at the helm. On 10 ha of vineyards, they grow a variety of grapes like Malvasia Aromatica di Candia, Moscato Giallo, Barbera and Malvasia Rosa to name a few. The wines however, are generally made from a single-varietal with a maceration on the skins and no filtration, clarification or chemical additives. Even the sparkling wines are made through the traditional process, which doesn’t require chemical preservatives.

The Malvasia Rosa is dedicated to Camillo Donati’s mother Rosa. Not wanting to make a rosé, that would have required filtration and clarification, Donati wanted to make a pink wine but also use his mother’s favorite Malvasia grapes. Made from 95% Malvasia, the wine’s pink colour comes from a red grape that Donati prefers not to reveal. The red grape has changed from year to year, without affecting the peculiar features of the Malvasia Aromatica di Candia. It is a potent, structured wine that ages very well.

Donati Camillo Malvasia Rosa NP, 2016
Malvasia 95%
13.5% ABV

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