Cascina Degli Ulivi

Cascina Degli Ulivi

Cascina Degli Ulivi

Cascina Degli Ulivi, in southern Piedmont, have been practicing biodynamic agriculture since 1985, harvesting grapes by hands, pressing and fermenting naturally, striving to make wine that expresses the true personality of the terroir. They treat their soil as a living organism, nourishing it with green manure and treating it with very little intervention to produce excellent fruit and wine.

Well suited for aging, the Cascina degli Ulivi’s Dolcetto Nibio is made from an indigenous grape, Nibiô, a red-stemmed type of Dolcetto. The Gavi IVAG, made from the Cortese varietal, has a floral nose and in the mouth is light, elegant with a balanced acidity and fragrant finish.

Cascina degli Ulivi Dolcetto Nibio NP
Nibiô (Dolcetto)
14.0% ABV

Cascina degli Ulivi IVAG NP
13.5% ABV

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