Casé was established in the Trebbia valley in 1998. At Casé the organic and biodynamic process goes further than excluding synthetic chemicals and extends to the whole wine lifecycle and the cellar. Their wines are macerated on skins from 8-10 days (whites) to 40 days (reds) and aged in wooden barrels.

The Harusame is a sparkling pinot noir made with the méthode champenoise. It is unfiltered and unfined with its wonderful natural aromas. The vineyard’s altitude and clay and limestone soil make the Casé Riva del Ciliegio dry, sharp and earthy. The wines aging process in barrels give it structure and tannins that can age years beyond its vintage. Casé Casébianco is their white wine with sweet, fruity perfumes from its maceration, and a tart, dry taste.

Casé Harusame Rosato Frizzante, 2016
Pinot Noir
12.5% ABV 

Casé Casébianco, 2016
Malvasia, Moscato Giallo, Marsanne, Ortrugo
11.5% ABV

Casé Pinot Nero Riva dal Cillegio, 2013
Pinot Noir
13.5% ABV