Clos de l’Elu

Clos de l’Elu

Clos de l’Elu

Thomas Carsin, his wife Charlotte and their friend Grégoire du Bouëxic founded Clos de l’Elu after they purchased the vineyard in 2008, located the small village of Saint Aubin de Luigne.  Although they are young winemakers, they all bring their own unique expertise and passion to their wines. The focus is on farming biodynamically, using natural yeasts with long macerations, and aging in tanks, barrels or amphorae. Their goal, to create wines that serve as the best expression of the Layon Valley (Loire).

The rich and full Anjou Red L’Aiglerie has a smooth texture and a long finish. This complex wine has aromas of red fruits and herbs with fine tannins. Marked by its elegance, Esperance is macerated for 15 days and matured for 10 months in a patinated barrel. It has a bright crimson colour with a peppery and violet aroma that evolves to more floral notes in the mouth. Another full-bodied, rich wine, the Anjou Blanc “Roc’h Avel” is a delicious white wine with an aroma of liquorice and fennel and a fresh taste.

Anjou Red L’Aiglerie, 2013
Cabernet Franc
13% ABV

Esperance, 2015
70% Pineau d’Aunis, 30% Grolleau Noir
12.5% ABV

Anjou Blanc “Roc’h Avel”, 2016
Chenin Blanc
14% ABV

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