Conestabile della Staffa

Conestabile della Staffa

Conestabile della Staffa

The story of Vini Conestabile della Staffa is long and storied dating back from the 1700s until its abrupt ending in 1956, when their last vintage was produced and production halted. Since then, their grapes were sold off to a local co-op, that was until Danillo Marcucci took over in 2015 with a new vision for the land. With over 20 years of experience from learning from some of Italy’s greatest producers, Marcucci has been determined to create wine in the most natural way possible and to express the best of what Umbria has to offer.

The Bianco is made from Trebbiano and Malvasia with no skin contact, no added sulphites, no filtration and spontaneous fermentation producing a wine with crisp, dry notes of apricot and hazelnut. The medium-bodied Rosso is made from Sangiovese and has an earthy nose with cherries, cranberry and white pepper.

Rosso, 2018

Bianco, 2018
Trebbiano, Malvasia

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