When Ernesto Cattel and his partners founded Costadilà, meaning ‘the hillside over there’, their goal was to reintroduce natural farming to the Tarzo, a municipality in the province of Treviso (Veneto), rejuvenating the region’s rich agricultural tradition. What emerged was a polyculture of vines, fruits, vegetables, and livestock coexisting organically on shared plots: a traditional “closed loop” small farm.

The farm is set in the hills north of Venice, the land of “Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiabene”. The Mat, a sparkling white wine, is bottle aged for five years, unfiltered and with no added sulphites. The o-x is an orange sparkling wine macerated on the skins for longer than the Mat and the Rosso is made with marzemino and merlot varietals, typical to the Colli Trevigiani.

Costadilà Mat Bianco Frizzante, 2010
Rare White Blend
11% ABV

Costadilà o-x, 2015
Pinot Noir
11% ABV

Costadilà Rosso, 2015
Rare Red Blend
12% ABV

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