Denavolo was founded by seasoned wine-maker Giulio Armani in La Stoppa in 2005 producing orange wines from a 32 year-old vineyard. Situated between 350 and 600 meters above sea level, the estate is named after the mountain that overlooks it and is farmed organically. Its vines produce very small berries, with a high skin to must ratio; to make up for this, Armani makes his wines with an extended contact with the skin of 4-7 months, enhancing the wine’s structure and giving it its hue.

The Dinavolino is an orange, white wine: a unique combination of Malvasia, Ortrugo, Marsanne, Malvasia, Sauvignon Blanc, Santa Maria and other local varietals. It has a strong fresh floral and citrus peel taste with an earthy aroma and a good acidity.

Denavolo Dinavolino Vino Bianco, 2015
Marsanne, Malvasia, Ortrugo et al.
12% ABV

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