Domaine Genoux

Domaine Genoux

Domaine Genoux

The Chateau de Merande was built in the 10th Century. Today, Daniel and André Genoux continue their ancestral tradition of winemaking at the Chateau using biodynamic practices that have enhanced the quality and richness of the soil.

Using indigenous Mondeuse for their reds and Altesse for their whites, the Domaine Genoux Mondeuse has an expressive deep purple colour with floral, fruity and spicy notes with strong integrated tannins. The Merande is the Gran Vin of the Savoie: the Merande Roussette Savoie has a nose of yellow fruits, honey and almond flowers with a fat and generous balance in the mouth.

Genoux Merande Roussette Savoie Altesse, 2014

Genoux Mondeuse (N)45°30.506 (E)6°04.451, 2013
Mondeuse Noire
12% ABV

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