Domaine Prieuré Saint Christophe

Domaine Prieuré Saint Christophe

Domaine Prieuré Saint Christophe

Michel Grisard started his long career as a winemaker in 1971, with his father, who died the following year. He then worked on the family farm with his brothers until 1982, when he purchased what would become Domaine Prieuré Saint Christophe. His aim was to focus on the Mondeuse grape variety, at a time when everyone in the Savoie was only interested in Gamay. In the mid 90s, his encounter with Pierre Overnoy, great vigneron of the Jura (his wines, now produced by Emmanuel Houillon, are also available in our shop), led him to embrace this production model, in the conviction that it would make better wine. Grisard and other vignerons of the area went on to found the Centre d’Ampelographie Alpine, an organization dedicated to the study and promotion of indigenous grape varieties of the Jura and the Savoie.

A true natural wine, the Vin de Savoie Tradition can vary in colour, nose and taste: it is a wonderfully expressive wine made to age well.

Vin de Savoie Mondeuse Tradition, 2006
Mondeuse Noir
12.5% ABV

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