Jean-Yves Peron

Jean-Yves Peron

Jean-Yves Peron’s use of natural techniques on high altitude farming is rare and risky; it requires a lot of patience with the ancient vines that have to sustain the cold temperature of the French Alps. Peron is a native of Savoie and studied oenology and biochemistry, which likely influenced the scientific precision in which he conducts his natural winemaking.

The wines are aged in Bordeaux barrels for 6 months to a year. For the Les Barrieux, Peron lets the Roussanne grapes macerate on skins for two weeks producing a complex orange wine. Notes of citrus, white fruits, spices and nuts, fully express the Savoie soil and the century old vines. La Grande Journée is smooth and gentle with green apple and vanilla.

Jean-Yves Peron La Grande Journée, 2013
12% ABV

Jean-Yves Peron Les Barrieux, 2014
11.5% ABV

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