Based in Brda, Slovenia, Klinec was originally founded in 1918 and operated until war and occupation hindered their winemaking efforts. Today it is a family-run vineyard, restaurant and B&B surrounded by a diverse ecosystem of organic crops, each contributing to each others success.  Sandwiched between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, the soil is a combination of sandstone and marl, making it extremely difficult to grow vines but giving the grapes an intense minerality. At the same time the regions consistently warm temperature creates grapes high in sugar and acidity.

Jakot is a tokaj: it is spontaneously fermented in concrete tanks with indigenous yeasts and then matured for 3 years in acacia barrels. An orange wine, its aroma is a delicate, sweet citrus with almond, caramel and apricot. Mora is a full-bodied red with cherries, berries, hints of dried fruits and a muddy leather aroma. Rebula undergoes a ten-day skin maceration and aged for 2 years in barrels. It a nutty wine, with a green apple kick and a slightly metallic finish.

Klinec – Jakot, 2012
Tokaj Friulano
13.5% ABV

Klinec – Móra, 2009
Friulano, Sauvignon Vert
14.5% ABV

Klinec – Rebula, 2012
Ribolla, Friulano
12.5% ABV

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