La Grapperie

La Grapperie

La Grapperie

Agronomist Renaud Guettier started La Grapperie in Loire with very little winemaking experience back in 2004. He has since made a name for himself in the region, producing impressive wines. Working organically, Guettier uses no additives in its wines. Everything is harvested by hand and the vineyards are plowed by horses. Over 5 hectares of land are spread out over 25 plots with different microclimates along the Loire river. The terroir is a combination of clay, flint and limestone with vines an average age of 80 years.

From the oldest parcel of land and aged in old wood for 24 months, Les Dorrées has a nose of sour cream and citrus with volume and a mineral finish. Adonis, made from one of the Loire Valley’s oldest indigenous grapes, is layered with flavours of red fruits, spices and herbs. It has a deep purple colour and a nose of black pepper corn and herbs with powerful tannins.

La Grapperie, Les Dorrées, 2014
Chenin Blanc
13% ABV 

La Grapperie Adonis, 2015
Pineau d’Aunis
12.0% ABV

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