Les Capriades

Les Capriades

Les Capriades

Domaine des Capriades are unique amongst our winemakers because they are designated ‘négociant vinificateur’, sourcing their grapes from organic growers around Faverolles and making the wine themselves. The only wine they produce is a low-alchohol lightly sparkling wine made in the ancestral method (méthode ancestrale) adding no sugar, sulfur, or carbonation. Executing this natural method well is extremely difficult, requiring flawless grapes and a precise method

The Pet’ Sec (méthode ancestrale) wine is their driest wine with a strong minerality originating from the vineyard’s limestone soils. It has an almond nose with florals and a fruity mouth. Their sweetest wine is the Piége à Filles, a pale pink wine that has deep savory notes and is made from a majority of Gamay with Groulleau Noir and Côt. The Pepin la Bulle is aged for three years before disgorgement. Fresh and fruity.

Les Capriades – Pepin la Bulle, 2013
Chenin Blanc
12.5% ABV

Les Capriades – Pet’ Sec, 2016
Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Franc
10.5% ABV

Les Capriades – Piége á Filles Rose, 2016
Gamay, Grolleau Noir, Côt
12% ABV

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