Massimiliano Croci

Massimiliano Croci

Massimiliano Croci

Currently helmed by Massimiliano Croci, the Croci family has been producing wines in Emilia Romagna for three generations on the hills of Monterosso, near Castell’Arquato (Piacenza). Founded by his grandfather Giuseppe in 1935, the vineyard now is now over 10 hectares, producing natural wines with great precision and quality using ancient techniques while continuing to experiment with new methods of vinification. Croci’s focus is largely on the region’s “mossi” (lightly sparkling wines). His vineyards are Malvasia, Ortrugo and Trebbiano for the whites and Bonarda and Barbera for the reds.

Maceration for Croci’s ‘Gutturnio’ takes place in steel vats for 8 days before being aged in a tank for 8 months and bottled for 10 months. The wine has an intense ruby red colour with a nose of crisp fruit and purple flowers. It has a medium body with light tannins. The ‘Lubigo’ is fermented for 7-11 days and aged on the lees for 10 months giving the wine aromas of white and yellow fruit with a round mouth. Made with one variety of grapes, the ‘Campedello’ is macerated for 7-11 days giving the wine its griping floral scents and good structure and balance.

Massimiliano Croci ‘Lubigo’, NV
12% ABV

Massimiliano Croci ‘Gutturnio’ DOC, 2015
Barbera 60% Bonarda 40%
12.5% ABV

Massimiliano Croci ‘Campedello’ C.P. Monterosso Val d’Arda DOC, 2016
Malvasia di Candia Aromatica 60% Trebbiano e Ortrugo 35% Sauvignon e Marsanne 5%
12.5% ABV

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