Philippe Bornard

Philippe Bornard

Philippe Bornard

Philippe Bornard is one of the most esteemed and exciting natural wine producers from the Jura where his family have lived for generations. After inheriting the land from his father who sold grapes to the local fruitiére (cooperative), Bornard decided to make his own wine farming biodinamically with little intervention. He farms 8 hectares of vineyards around the village of Pupillin that cover two appellations: the Côtes du Jura and the Arbois Pupilin. Blending is permitted across appellations but Bornard prefers to make single varietal wines with the classic Jura grapes – Ploussard, Trousseau, Pinot Noir Savagnin, Chardonnay and Melon Queue Rouge.
Bornard’s Chardonnay has an intense nose and palate of concentrated red apples, spices and a contrasting finish of citrus with dry, smoky notes. The Jura has become known for its expressive Ploussard: the Ploussard Point Barre is a light, delicate, translucent red that gives off aromas of red currants with a silky mouth. The Trousseau Le Ginglet is a simple wine that opens up after some time in a decanter, exhibiting generous red fruits, cherries and herbs.

Bornard Chardonnay VDF, 2015
13% ABV

Bornard Ploussard Point Barre, 2016
12% ABV

Bornard Trousseau le Ginglet, 2016
12% ABV

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