Pierre Overnoy/Emmanuel Houillon

Pierre Overnoy/Emmanuel Houillon

Pierre Overnoy/Emmanuel Houillon

Pierre Overnoy is a legendary figure in the natural wine world: a pioneer, he stopped adding sulphur to his wines in 1986. He retired in 2001 and Emmanuel Houillon took over his estate, always committed to organic, non-interventionist farming. The Domaine produces low yields of wine, favouring grapes of high quality and making wine that is a true expression of the terroir of the Jura. Vintages from Overnoy’s era bear his name, while more recent vintages are named after Houillon.

The Bruyere & Houillon Arbois Pupillin Ploussard Rouge is a fragrant, light red wine: it ferments in a carbonic environment for 37 days and is bottled unfiltered and unrefined. There is some naturally occurring carbon dioxide which acts as a preservative and gives the wine its nose of red fruits and strong tannins.

Houillon Arbois Rouge Ploussard NP, 2015
12.5% ABV

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