Podere Pradarolo

Podere Pradarolo

Podere Pradarolo

At Podere Pradarolo strict rules are followed to ensure the quality of their wines and the successful preservation of their land’s biodiversity. Nothing is added to the wines and the grapes undergo a prolonged fermentation at uncontrolled temperatures. This ranges from 30 days to 9 months or more, giving the whites their orange hue and their stability. Alberto and Francesca Carretti only use grapes that are indigenous to the Parmense: Malvasia di Candia for the whites and Barbera, Croatina and Teramina for the reds.

The Vej Bianco Antico is a sparkling wine made with the méthode champenoise, ‘metoodo classico’. It has lively acidity and strong tannins. The Vej Bianco 270 is an orange sparkling wine with an amber reflection harking back to the Malvasia origin: floral notes on the nose, it is full-bodied with a fresh and dry finish. The Indocilis Rosso Frizzante is a traditional Barbera, with great freshness and light tones.

Pradarolo Vej Bianco Antico Metodo Classico, 2014
Malvasia di Candia Aromatica
11% ABV 

Pradarolo Vej Bianco Antico 270, 2016
Malvasia di Candia
12.5% ABV 

Pradarolo Indocilis Rosso Frizzante, 2014
11% ABV

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