In 1992, Filmmaker Ruedi Gerber acquired farmhouse Sequerciani and its 8 hectares of abandoned land in Tuscany, devoted to restore it through organic farming techniques. Today, the farm has expanded to 50 hectares of rolling hills making use of the fertile soil and sea breeze to produce natural wine, olive oil and other biodynamic agricultural products. Using indigenous Tuscan grapes, the wines are made with natural fertilizers without external temperature control and no sulphites. Sequerciani’s tagline is “grape, sun, and earth – that’s it”, emphasizing their desire for the grapes and subsequently the wines to take on the characteristics of the Tuscan region and express themselves to the fullest.

The Vermentino is a late-ripening grape variety grown on clay soil with magnesium and iron. It is aged in terracotta amphorae that accentuates its strong citrus flavours and bouquet of yellow flowers and aromatic herbs. Made primarily from Sangiovese and balanced with Ciliegiolo, the Libello is aged for a short period in steel tanks and terracotta amphorae that release its refreshing juicy profile and tannic texture. The structured Verment’oro has a long maceration period on skins in terracotta and a shorter period in barriques resulting in an intensely bright golden colour with rich and articulated ripe yellow fruits and herbs like anise. A wonderful expression of the mysterious Vermentino variety in the region.

Vermentino, 2018

Verment’oro, 2018

Libello, 2018
Sangiovese 80%, Ciliegiolo 20%

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