Vittorio Bera

Vittorio Bera

Vittorio Bera

Siblings Gian Luigi and Alessandra Bera continue the tradition of organic farming on their family’s vineyards in Canelli, near Asti. Their devotion to these practices has allowed the Moscato grape, first planted over 200 years ago, to flourish and their soil to remain rich. The vineyards have always been farmed organically: yields are kept low and harvested by hand in small bins. After the harvest, fermentation is spontaneous and with no temperature control. The wine is not stabilised nor filtered and sulphur use is very low. The combination of the grape’s high sugar content and minerality of the soil gives the Bera wines unique bodies and structures, a complexity often absent from other Moscatos.

The Ronco Malo is made from the Barbera Grape, kept on its lees for 18 to 24 months and bottled with no filtration and minimal sulphur.

Bera Moscato d’Asti, 2016
5.5% ABV

Bera Barbera Ronco Malo, 2013
14% ABV

Bianchdùdùi, 2000
13.5% ABV

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